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The 300dpi is a Creators’s Agency that defies the ways of traditional agencies. With a select group of talented creators, 300dpi provides influencers, photographers, directors, and illustrators to create and distribute content for the world’s most innovative companies. We understand how the needs of brands span from refined commercial work to social media campaigns, and match it with original work that evolves well beyond billboards and printed magazine ads.

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In a media driven world, photography dominates as the primary source of inspiration and dominant tool for content consumption. Our photographers maintain fresh content that spans commercial to social media applications.



With advancements in technology and the creation of YouTube, video content is more prolific than ever before. Our directors are creating everything from vlogs, tutorials, IGTV, IG Stories, documentaries, commercials spots and more. 



Although many of our creators have large audiences, our influencers have many different types of talent. Everyone from soccer freestylers to beatboxers to motivational speakers. There really is no limit to the type of audiences we can tap into.



Illustration can take so many forms; such as a well known comic, beautiful typography, familiar characters, painted murals, to graphically manipulated masterpieces. Our creators capture all ends of this art via multiple mediums, genres and outlets.

Social Media is not the future- it’s the now.
— Chris Hau



As a creators agency, we are here to bring you some of the most talented and inspiring talent to help you accomplish your goals whether it be a billboard ad, a speaker for your conference, marketing your product via social media, a new brand campaign, a licensed photo for your website, a mural for the side of your building or any other capabilities of our talent pool. With creators like ours, the options are limited only by our imaginations. Which service will you need?

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Influencer marketing has been one of the most sought after forms of marketing today. However, brands have struggled to accomplish this effectively, organically and with the right people. Our job is to help bring your product/ brand to the right people and delivered to their audiences in a powerful and natural way through Instagram Posts,  Instagram Stories, Youtube Videos & more.

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Clean and powerful commercial content will always be a necessity for brand marketing. Whether it be a billboard or a video spot, we have some of the best commercial photographers and directors in the industry who can provide professionally produced content through to a finished polished piece.

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Custom Content Creation

When captivating original content now outperforms traditional ads, it is more important than ever to jump on board with the right creators. Get ahead of the competition by utilizing our creative roster for stunning custom ads, photo and video for social media, product placement, custom illustration, and more.

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When needing to build out a brand concept, website, or merch, you need beautiful content. Sometimes the best route to save time and effort is licensing images or video. Additional to licensing existing work, 300dpi artists can also license out the use of illustrated characters, art for installations or products, and more.

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One of the most effective ways to draw a crowd is to bring in the fans and followers looking to learn from the creators they love. With substantial speaking/education experience under their belts, our creators are actively speaking at major conferences, teaching workshops, making appearances at meet-and-greets, and leading events such as photo walks.

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Murals / Installations

A beautifully painted mural or interactive art installation can be an overlooked opportunity to bring attention to the physical location of your business. Our highly skilled and powerfully influential artists can create cultural destinations, viral locations and social media phenomenons at scale, or simply bring new life to your space.


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